Saving Model Information

You can save information from the model as variables in the working data file, and you can also save the entire model in XML (PMML) format to an external file.

Saved Variables

Terminal node number. The terminal node to which each case is assigned. The value is the tree node number.

Predicted value. The class (group) or value for the dependent variable predicted by the model.

Predicted probabilities. The probability associated with the model’s prediction. One variable is saved for each category of the dependent variable. Not available for scale dependent variables.

Sample assignment (training/testing). For split-sample validation, this variable indicates whether a case was used in the training or testing sample. The value is 1 for the training sample and 0 for the testing sample. Not available unless you have selected split-sample validation. See the topic Validation for more information.

Export Tree Model as XML

You can save the entire tree model in XML (PMML) format. You can use this model file to apply the model information to other data files for scoring purposes. See the topic Scoring Wizard for more information.

Training sample. Writes the model to the specified file. For split-sample validated trees, this is the model for the training sample.

Test sample. Writes the model for the test sample to the specified file. Not available unless you have selected split-sample validation.

To Save Model Information

This feature requires the Decision Trees option.

  1. From the menus choose:

    Analyze > Classify > Tree...

  2. Click Save.