Random Number Generators

The Random Number Generators dialog box allows you to select the random number generator and set the starting sequence value so you can reproduce a sequence of random numbers.

Active Generator. Two different random number generators are available:

  • Version 12 Compatible. The random number generator used in version 12 and previous releases. If you need to reproduce randomized results generated in previous releases based on a specified seed value, use this random number generator.
  • Mersenne Twister. A newer random number generator that is more reliable for simulation purposes. If reproducing randomized results from version 12 or earlier is not an issue, use this random number generator.

Active Generator Initialization. The random number seed changes each time a random number is generated for use in transformations (such as random distribution functions), random sampling, or case weighting. To replicate a sequence of random numbers, set the initialization starting point value prior to each analysis that uses the random numbers. The value must be a positive integer.

Some procedures, such as Linear models, have internal random number generators.

To select the random number generator and/or set the initialization value:

  1. From the menus choose:

Transform > Random Number Generators