Menu Editor

You can use the Menu Editor to customize your menus. With the Menu Editor you can:

  • Add menu items that run customized scripts.
  • Add menu items that run command syntax files.
  • Add menu items that launch other applications and automatically send data to other applications.

You can send data to other applications in the following formats: IBM® SPSS® Statistics, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, tab-delimited, and dBASE IV.

To Add Items to Menus

  1. From the menus choose:

    View > Menu Editor...

  2. In the Menu Editor dialog box, double-click the menu (or click the plus sign icon) to which you want to add a new item.
  3. Select the menu item above which you want the new item to appear.
  4. Click Insert Item to insert a new menu item.
  5. Enter the text for the new item. On Windows operating systems, an ampersand (&) before a letter specifies that letter should be used as the underlined mnemonic key.
  6. Select the file type for the new item (script file, command syntax file, or external application).
  7. Click Browse to select a file to attach to the menu item.

You can also add entirely new menus and separators between menu items. Optionally, you can automatically send the contents of the Data Editor to another application when you select that application on the menu.