Independent-Samples Nonparametric Tests

Independent-samples nonparametric tests identify differences between two or more groups using one or more nonparametric tests. Nonparametric tests do not assume your data follow the normal distribution.

What is your objective? The objectives allow you to quickly specify different but commonly used test settings.

  • Automatically compare distributions across groups. This objective applies the Mann-Whitney U test to data with 2 groups, or the Kruskal-Wallis 1-way ANOVA to data with k groups.
  • Compare medians across groups. This objective uses the Median test to compare the observed medians across groups.
  • Custom analysis. When you want to manually amend the test settings on the Settings tab, select this option. Note that this setting is automatically selected if you subsequently make changes to options on the Settings tab that are incompatible with the currently selected objective.

This procedure pastes NPTESTS command syntax.

To Obtain Independent-Samples Nonparametric Tests