Manipulating a pivot table

Options for manipulating a pivot table include:

  • Transposing rows and columns
  • Moving rows and columns
  • Creating multidimensional layers
  • Grouping and ungrouping rows and columns
  • Showing and hiding rows, columns, and other information
  • Rotating row and column labels
  • Finding definitions of terms

Pivot table edit pane

The pivot table editor provides a slide-out pane that provides various options for manipulating pivot table appearance. The slide-out pane is activated by clicking the pivot table options control:
Pivot table options control

The following pivot table options are available:

General tab
Provides options for hiding empty rows and columns, placement of row dimension labels, and width settings for column and row labels.
Area Format tab
Provides text editing options for the various pivot table text areas.
Borders tab
Provides options for defining pivot table border settings.
Cell Format tab
Provides options for specifying the pivot table cell format.
Notes tab
Provides options for specifying the footnote format and for entering pivot table comment text.