Life Tables Options

You can control various aspects of your Life Tables analysis.

Life table(s). To suppress the display of life tables in the output, deselect Life table(s).

Plot. Allows you to request plots of the survival functions. If you have defined factor variable(s), plots are generated for each subgroup defined by the factor variable(s). Available plots are survival, log survival, hazard, density, and one minus survival.

  • Survival. Displays the cumulative survival function on a linear scale.
  • Log survival. Displays the cumulative survival function on a logarithmic scale.
  • Hazard. Displays the cumulative hazard function on a linear scale.
  • Density. Displays the density function.
  • One minus survival. Plots one-minus the survival function on a linear scale.

Compare Levels of First Factor. If you have a first-order control variable, you can select one of the alternatives in this group to perform the Wilcoxon (Gehan) test, which compares the survival of subgroups. Tests are performed on the first-order factor. If you have defined a second-order factor, tests are performed for each level of the second-order variable.

Selecting Life Tables Options

This feature requires Custom Tables and Advanced Statistics.

  1. From the menus choose:

    Analyze > Survival > Life Tables…

  2. In the Life Tables dialog box, click Options.