Extensions are custom components that extend the capabilities of IBM® SPSS® Statistics. Extensions are packaged in extension bundles (*.spe or *.spxt files) and are installed to IBM SPSS Statistics. Extensions can be created by any user and shared with other users by sharing the associated extension bundle.

The following utilities are provided for working with extensions:
  • The Extension Hub, which is accessed from Extensions > Extension Hub, is an interface for searching for, downloading, and installing extensions from the IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics collection on GitHub. From the Extension Hub dialog, you can also view details of the extensions that are installed on your computer, get updates for installed extensions, and remove extensions.
  • You can install an extension bundle that is stored on your local computer from Extensions > Install Local Extension Bundle.
  • You can use the Custom Dialog Builder for Extensions to create an extension that includes a user interface, which is referred to as a custom dialog. Custom dialogs generate SPSS Statistics command syntax that carries out the tasks that are associated with the extension. You design the generated syntax as part of designing the custom dialog.
  • You can use the Create Extension Bundle and Edit Extension Bundle dialogs for cases where you can't use the Custom Dialog Builder for Extensions. For more information, see the topic Creating and editing extension bundles.