Automated Output Modification

Automated output modification applies formatting and other changes to the contents of the active Viewer window. Changes that can be applied include:

  • All or selected viewer objects
  • Selected types of output objects (for example, charts, logs, pivot tables)
  • Pivot table content based on conditional expressions
  • Outline (navigation) pane content

The types of changes you can make include:

  • Delete objects
  • Index objects (add a sequential numbering scheme)
  • Change the visible property of objects
  • Change the outline label text
  • Transpose rows and columns in pivot tables
  • Change the selected layer of pivot tables
  • Change the formatting of selected areas or specific cells in a pivot table based on conditional expressions (for example, make all significance values less than 0.05 bold)

To specify automated output modification:

  1. From the menus, choose:Utilities > Style Output
  2. Select one or more objects in the Viewer.
  3. Select the options you want in the Select dialog. (You can also select objects before you open the dialog.)
  4. Select the output changes you want in the Style Output dialog.