Using the Syntax Editor

The Syntax Editor provides an environment specifically designed for creating, editing, and running command syntax. The Syntax Editor features:

  • Auto-Completion. As you type, you can select commands, subcommands, keywords, and keyword values from a context-sensitive list. You can choose to be prompted automatically with the list or display the list on demand.
  • Color Coding. Recognized elements of command syntax (commands, subcommands, keywords, and keyword values) are color coded so, at a glance, you can spot unrecognized terms. Also, a number of common syntactical errors--such as unmatched quotes--are color coded for quick identification.
  • Breakpoints. You can stop execution of command syntax at specified points, allowing you to inspect the data or output before proceeding.
  • Bookmarks. You can set bookmarks that allow you to quickly navigate large command syntax files.
  • Auto-Indentation. You can automatically format your syntax with an indentation style similar to syntax pasted from a dialog box.
  • Step Through. You can step through command syntax one command at a time, advancing to the next command with a single click.

Note: When working with right to left languages, it is recommended to check the Optimize for right to left languages box on the Syntax Editor tab in the Options dialog box.