Pasting Syntax

The easiest way to create syntax is to use the Paste button located on most dialog boxes.

  1. Open the data file demo.sav. See the topic Sample Files for more information.
  2. From the menus choose:

    Analyze > Descriptive Statistics > Frequencies...

  3. Select Marital status [marital] and move it into the Variable(s) list.
  4. Click Charts.
  5. In the Charts dialog box, select Bar charts.
  6. In the Chart Values group, select Percentages.
  7. Click Continue.Click Paste to copy the syntax created as a result of the dialog box selections to the Syntax Editor.
    Figure 1. Frequencies dialog box
    The Frequencies dialog box with marital in the Variables list.
    Figure 2. Frequencies syntax
    The Syntax Editor displaying the syntax created from the Frequencies dialog box.
  8. To run the syntax currently displayed, from the menus choose:

    Run > Selection