Applying stylesheets

You can apply a visualization stylesheet that specifies stylistic properties of the visualization. For example, the stylesheet can define fonts, dashings, and colors, among other options. To a certain extent, stylesheets provide a shortcut for edits that you would have to perform manually. Note, however, that a stylesheet is limited to style changes. Other changes such as the position of the legend or the scale range are not stored in the stylesheet.

How to Apply a Stylesheet

  1. Click OK.

Switch/Select Stylesheet Dialog Box

The table at the top of the dialog box lists all of the visualization stylesheets that are currently available. Some stylesheets are pre-installed, while others may have been created in the IBM® SPSS® Visualization Designer (a separate product).

The bottom of the dialog box shows example visualizations with sample data. Select one of the stylesheets to apply its styles to the example visualizations. These examples can help you determine how the stylesheet will affect your actual visualization.

The dialog box also offers the following options.

Manage. Manage visualization templates and stylesheets on your computer. You can import, export, rename, and delete visualization templates and stylesheets on your local machine. See the topic Managing Templates, Stylesheets, and Map Files for more information.