Meta-Analysis Continuous Effect Size: Save

The Save dialog provides settings for saving the estimated statistics to the active data set for meta-analysis with continuous outcomes when the pre-calculated effect size data are provided in the active data set.

Individual Studies
Provides options for saving the estimated effect size.
Standard error
Saves the estimated standard error of the effect size. The setting is available only when an Effect Size variable is not specified.
Confidence interval lower bound
Saves the estimated confidence interval lower limit of the effect size.
Confidence interval upper bound
Saves the estimated confidence interval upper limit of the effect size.
Saves the estimated p-value of the effect size.
Study weight
Saves the estimated study weight.
Percentage of study weight
Saves the normalized study weight as a percentage.

Defining Meta-Analysis Continuous Effect Size save settings

  1. From the menus choose:

    Analyze > Meta Analysis > Continuous Outcomes > Pre-Calculated Effect Size

  2. In the Meta-Analysis Continuous Effect Size dialog, click Save.
  3. Select and define the appropriate estimated statistics save settings.
  4. Click Continue.