Meta-Analysis Binary Effect Size: Print

The Print dialog provides settings for controlling table outputs for meta-analysis with binary outcomes when the pre-calculated effect size data are provided in the active data set.

Provides settings for controlling the homogeneity and heterogeneity tests.
Test of homogeneity
When selected, the corresponding test of homogeneity is provided in the output.
Heterogeneity measures
When selected, the heterogeneity measures are provided in the output.
Effect Sizes
Provides the following effect size settings.
Individual studies
Controls the display of individual studies. When selected, the corresponding output is provided.
Cumulative effect sizes
Controls the display of cumulative analysis. When selected, the corresponding output is provided. The setting is available only when a Cumulative Analysis variable is selected on the Analysis dialog.
Prediction interval under random-effects model
Controls the display of the prediction interval. When selected, the corresponding output is provided. The setting is available only when a random-effects model is specified.
Display exponentiated statistics
Controls the inclusion of the exponential-form statistics. When the setting is selected, the exponential-form statistics, including the exponential effect size and confidence interval limits are output. The process applies to both required and optional effect size estimation and prediction tables. The setting is available when the Effect Size is specified as Logs Odd Ratio, Peto's Logs Odd Ratio, or Log Risk Ratio.

Defining Meta-Analysis Binary Effect Size print settings

  1. From the menus choose:

    Analyze > Meta Analysis > Binary Outcomes > Pre-Calculated Effect Size...

  2. In the Meta-Analysis Binary Effect Size dialog, click Print.
  3. Select and define the appropriate print settings.
  4. Click Continue.