Run Simulation dialog

The Run Simulation dialog is designed for users who have a simulation plan and primarily want to run the simulation. It also provides the features you need to run the simulation under different conditions. It allows you to perform the following general tasks:

  • Set up or modify sensitivity analysis to investigate the effect of varying the value of a fixed input or varying a distribution parameter for a simulated input.
  • Refit probability distributions for uncertain inputs (and correlations between those inputs) to new data.
  • Modify the distribution for a simulated input.
  • Customize output.
  • Run the simulation.

To access the Run Simulation dialog

  1. From the menus choose:

    Analyze > Simulation...

  2. Deselect the Open in Advanced check box, located under the Open an Existing Simulation Plan choice.
  3. Click Open an Existing Simulation Plan and select the simulation plan file.