Chart Options (simulation)

The Chart Options dialog allows you to customize the display of activated charts of probability density functions and cumulative distribution functions generated from a simulation.

View. The View dropdown list only applies to the probability density function chart. It allows you to toggle the chart view from a continuous curve to a histogram. This feature is not available when multiple density functions are displayed on the same chart. In that case, the density functions can only be viewed as continuous curves.

Order. The Order dropdown list only applies to the cumulative distribution function chart. It specifies whether the cumulative distribution function is displayed as an ascending function (the default) or a descending function. When displayed as a descending function, the value of the function at a given point on the horizontal axis is the probability that the target lies to the right of that point.

Slider positions. You can explicitly set the positions of the sliding reference lines by entering values in the Upper and Lower text boxes. You can remove the left-hand line by selecting -Infinity, effectively setting the position to negative infinity, and you can remove the right-hand line by selecting Infinity, effectively setting its position to infinity.

Reference lines. You can add various fixed vertical reference lines to probability density functions and cumulative distribution functions. When multiple functions are displayed on a single chart (because of multiple targets or results from sensitivity analysis iterations), you can specify the particular functions to which the lines are applied.

  • Sigmas. You can add reference lines at plus and minus a specified number of standard deviations from the mean of a target.
  • Percentiles. You can add reference lines at one or two percentile values of the distribution of a target by entering values into the Bottom and Top text boxes. For example, a value of 95 in the Top text box represents the 95th percentile, which is the value below which 95% of the observations fall. Likewise, a value of 5 in the Bottom text box represents the 5th percentile, which is the value below which 5% of the observations fall.
  • Custom positions. You can add reference lines at specified values along the horizontal axis.

Label reference lines. This option controls whether labels are applied to the selected reference lines.

Reference lines are removed by clearing the associated choice in the Chart Options dialog and clicking Continue.

To access the Chart Options dialog

  1. Double-click the object for a probability density chart or cumulative distribution chart in the Output Viewer.
  2. Click Chart Options.