To Run Temporal Causal Model Scenarios

This feature requires the Statistics Forecasting option.

From the menus, choose:

Analyze > Forecasting > Apply Temporal Causal Models...

  1. Enter the file specification for a model system file or click Browse and select a model system file. Model system files are created with the Temporal Causal Modeling procedure.
  2. Click the option to run scenarios.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. On the Scenarios tab (in the Temporal Causal Model Scenarios dialog), click Define Scenario Period and specify the scenario period.
  5. For column-based data, click Add Scenario to define each scenario. For multidimensional data, click Add Scenario to define each individual scenario, and click Add Scenario Group to define each scenario group.
  6. Click Options to specify the content of the output and to specify the breadth of the series that will be affected by the scenario.
  7. Click Run to run the procedure.