Report Layout

Report Layout controls the width and length of each report page, placement of the report on the page, and the insertion of blank lines and labels.

Page Layout. Controls the page margins expressed in lines (top and bottom) and characters (left and right) and reports alignment within the margins.

Page Titles and Footers. Controls the number of lines that separate page titles and footers from the body of the report.

Break Columns. Controls the display of break columns. If multiple break variables are specified, they can be in separate columns or in the first column. Placing all break variables in the first column produces a narrower report.

Column Titles. Controls the display of column titles, including title underlining, space between titles and the body of the report, and vertical alignment of column titles.

Data Column Rows and Break Labels. Controls the placement of data column information (data values and/or summary statistics) in relation to the break labels at the start of each break category. The first row of data column information can start either on the same line as the break category label or on a specified number of lines after the break category label. (Not available for column summary reports.)