Options (Partial Least Squares Regression)

The Options tab allows the user to save and plot model estimates for individual cases, latent factors, and predictors.

For each type of data, specify the name of a dataset. The dataset names must be unique. If you specify the name of an existing dataset, its contents are replaced; otherwise, a new dataset is created.

  • Save estimates for individual cases. Saves the following casewise model estimates: predicted values, residuals, distance to latent factor model, and latent factor scores. It also plots latent factor scores.
  • Save estimates for latent factors. Saves latent factor loadings and latent factor weights. It also plots latent factor weights.
  • Save estimates for independent variables. Saves regression parameter estimates and variable importance to projection (VIP). It also plots VIP by latent factor.

How to Export Variables as IBM® SPSS® Statistics Data for Partial Least Squares Regression

  1. From the menus choose:

    Analyze > Regression > Partial Least Squares...

  2. In the Partial Least Squares Regression dialog box, click the Options tab.