Nonlinear Regression Save New Variables

You can save a number of new variables to your active data file. Available options are Residuals, Predicted values, Derivatives, and Loss function values. These variables can be used in subsequent analyses to test the fit of the model or to identify problem cases.

  • Residuals. Saves residuals with the variable name resid.
  • Predicted Values. Saves predicted values with the variable name pred_.
  • Derivatives. One derivative is saved for each model parameter. Derivative names are created by prefixing 'd.' to the first six characters of parameter names.
  • Loss Function Values. This option is available if you specify your own loss function. The variable name loss_ is assigned to the values of the loss function.

Saving New Variables

This feature requires Custom Tables and Advanced Statistics.

  1. From the menus choose:

    Analyze > Regression > Nonlinear…

  2. In the Nonlinear Regression dialog box, click Save.