Multidimensional Scaling Plots, Version 1

The Plots dialog box allows you to specify which plots will be produced. This topic describes the Plots dialog box if you have the Proximities in Columns data format. For Individual space weights, Original vs. transformed proximities, and Transformed proximities vs. distances plots, you specify the sources for which the plots should be produced. The list of available sources is the list of proximities variables in the main dialog box.

Stress. A plot is produced of normalized raw stress versus dimensions. This plot is produced only if the maximum number of dimensions is larger than the minimum number of dimensions.

Common space. A scatterplot matrix of coordinates of the common space is displayed.

Individual spaces. For each source, the coordinates of the individual spaces are displayed in scatterplot matrices. This is possible only if one of the individual differences models is specified in the Model dialog box.

Individual space weights. A scatterplot is produced of the individual space weights. This is possible only if one of the individual differences models is specified in the Model dialog box. For the weighted Euclidean model, the weights are printed in plots, with one dimension on each axis. For the generalized Euclidean model, one plot is produced per dimension, indicating both rotation and weighting of that dimension. The reduced rank model produces the same plot as the generalized Euclidean model but reduces the number of dimensions for the individual spaces.

Original vs. transformed proximities. Plots are produced of the original proximities versus the transformed proximities.

Transformed proximities vs. distances. The transformed proximities versus the distances are plotted.

Transformed independent variables. Transformation plots are produced for the independent variables.

Variable and dimension correlations. A plot of correlations between the independent variables and the dimensions of the common space is displayed.

To Obtain Plots in Multidimensional Scaling

This feature requires the Categories option.

  1. From the menus choose:

    Analyze > Scale > Multidimensional Scaling (PROXSCAL)...

  2. Make the appropriate selections in the Data Format dialog box and click Define.
  3. In the Multidimensional Scaling dialog box, click Plots.