Table properties: printing

You can control the following properties for printed pivot tables:

  • Print all layers or only the top layer of the table, and print each layer on a separate page.
  • Shrink a table horizontally or vertically to fit the page for printing.
  • Control widow/orphan lines by controlling the minimum number of rows and columns that will be contained in any printed section of a table if the table is too wide and/or too long for the defined page size.

    Note: If a table is too long to fit on the current page because there is other output above it, but it will fit within the defined page length, the table is automatically printed on a new page, regardless of the widow/orphan setting.

  • Include continuation text for tables that don't fit on a single page. You can display continuation text at the bottom of each page and at the top of each page. If neither option is selected, the continuation text will not be displayed.

To control pivot table printing properties:

  1. From the menus choose:

    Format > Table Properties...

  2. Click the Printing tab.
  3. Select the printing options that you want.
  4. Click OK or Apply.

The new properties are applied to the selected pivot table. To apply new table properties to a TableLook instead of just the selected table, edit the TableLook (Format menu, TableLooks).