Table properties: notes

The Notes tab of the Table Properties dialog controls footnote formatting and table comment text.

Footnotes. The properties of footnote markers include style and position in relation to text.

  • The style of footnote markers is either numbers (1, 2, 3, ...) or letters (a, b, c, ...).
  • The footnote markers can be attached to text as superscripts or subscripts.

Comment Text. You can add comment text to each table.

  • Comment text is displayed in a tooltip when you hover over a table in the Viewer.
  • Screen readers read the comment text when the table has focus.
  • The tooltip in the Viewer displays only the first 200 characters of the comment, but screen readers read the entire text.
  • When you export output to HTML, the comment text is used as alt text.

You can automatically add comments to all tables when they are created (Edit menu>Options>Pivot Tables).

The new properties are applied to the selected pivot table. To apply new table properties to a TableLook instead of just the selected table, edit the TableLook (Format menu, TableLooks).