Page Attributes: Options

This dialog box controls the printed chart size, the space between printed output items, and page numbering.

  • Printed Chart Size. Controls the size of the printed chart relative to the defined page size. The chart's aspect ratio (width-to-height ratio) is not affected by the printed chart size. The overall printed size of a chart is limited by both its height and width. When the outer borders of a chart reach the left and right borders of the page, the chart size cannot increase further to fill more page height.
  • Space between items. Controls the space between printed items. Each pivot table, chart, and text object is a separate item. This setting does not affect the display of items in the Viewer.
  • Number pages starting with. Numbers pages sequentially, starting with the specified number.
  • Make Default. This option uses the settings that are specified here as the default settings for new Viewer documents. (Note that this option makes the current Header/Footer settings and Options settings the default.)