Fields Table (automated data preparation)

Displayed when you click Target, Predictors, or Predictors not used in the Field Processing Summary main view, the Fields Table view displays a simple table listing the relevant features.

The table contains two columns:

  • Name. The predictor name.

    For targets, the original name or label of the field is used, even if the target has been transformed.

    For transformed versions of ordinary predictors, the name reflects your choice of suffix in the Field Names panel of the Settings tab; for example: _transformed.

    For fields derived from dates and times, the name of the final transformed version is used; for example: bdate_years.

    For constructed predictors, the name of the constructed predictor is used; for example: Predictor1.

  • Measurement Level. This displays the icon representing the data type.

    For the Target, the Measurement Level always reflects the transformed version (if the target has been transformed); for example, changed from ordinal (ordered set) to continuous (range, scale), or vice versa.