Backtransform Scores

If a target has been transformed by ADP, subsequent models built using the transformed target score the transformed units. In order to interpret and use the results, you must convert the predicted value back to the original scale.

  1. To backtransform scores, from the menus choose:

    Transform > Prepare Data for Modeling > Backtransform Scores...

  2. Select a field to backtransform. This field should contain model-predicted values of the transformed target.
  3. Specify a suffix for the new field. This new field will contain model-predicted values in the original scale of the untransformed target.
  4. Specify the location of the XML file containing the ADP transformations. This should be a file saved from the Interactive or Automatic Data Preparation dialogs. See the topic Applying and Saving Transformations (automated data preparation) for more information.