Analysis Tab (automated data preparation)

Note: The Analysis tab is used in the Interactive Data Preparation dialog to allow you to review the recommended transformations. The Automatic Data Preparation dialog does not include this step.

  1. When you are satisfied with the ADP settings, including any changes made on the Objective, Fields, and Settings tabs, click Analyze Data; the algorithm applies the settings to the data inputs and displays the results on the Analysis tab.

The Analysis tab contains both tabular and graphical output that summarizes the processing of your data and displays recommendations as to how the data may be modified or improved for scoring. You can then review and either accept or reject those recommendations.

The Analysis tab is made up of two panels, the main view on the left and the linked, or auxiliary, view on the right. There are three main views:

There are four linked/auxiliary views:

Links between views

Within the main view, underlined text in the tables controls the display in the linked view. Clicking on the text allows you to get details on a particular field, set of fields, or processing step. The link that you last selected is shown in a darker color; this helps you identify the connection between the contents of the two view panels.

Resetting the views

To redisplay the original Analysis recommendations and abandon any changes you have made to the Analysis views, click Reset at the bottom of the main view panel.