UNIANOVA Command Additional Features

The command syntax language also allows you to:

  • Specify nested effects in the design (using the DESIGN subcommand).
  • Specify tests of effects versus a linear combination of effects or a value (using the TEST subcommand).
  • Specify multiple contrasts (using the CONTRAST subcommand).
  • Include user-missing values (using the MISSING subcommand).
  • Specify EPS criteria (using the CRITERIA subcommand).
  • Construct a custom L matrix, M matrix, or K matrix (using the LMATRIX, MMATRIX, and KMATRIX subcommands).
  • For deviation or simple contrasts, specify an intermediate reference category (using the CONTRAST subcommand).
  • Specify metrics for polynomial contrasts (using the CONTRAST subcommand).
  • Specify error terms for post hoc comparisons (using the POSTHOC subcommand).
  • Compute estimated marginal means for any factor or factor interaction among the factors in the factor list (using the EMMEANS subcommand).
  • Specify names for temporary variables (using the SAVE subcommand).
  • Construct a correlation matrix data file (using the OUTFILE subcommand).
  • Construct a matrix data file that contains statistics from the between-subjects ANOVA table (using the OUTFILE subcommand).
  • Save the design matrix to a new data file (using the OUTFILE subcommand).