Managing IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription

The IBM Products and Services portal is an extension of the IBM Marketplace and provides users a central hub for managing IBM product purchases, subscriptions, users, and services. From the Products and Services portal, you can:

  • Manage IBM product downloads
  • Manage the devices upon which IBM products are installed
  • Manage IBM product users (including user roles, add-on components, and status)
  • Contact IBM support via forums, support tickets, telephone, or email
The following sections provide information on navigating through and managing the IBM Products and Service portal features. The information assumes that you have already purchased, or subscribed to, an IBM product. See Purchasing IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription for more information.
Note: The IBM® SPSS® Statistics Subscription product is used for all provided examples.

Logging in to the IBM Products and Services portal

  1. From the IBM Marketplace, sign in with your IBM account (also known as IBMid). You must register for an IBMid if you do not already have active IBM account.

    After you are logged in, your account profile provides a Products and Services section that displays all of the IBM products and services to which you are entitled.

  2. From the Products and Services section, click Download to download the product, or click Manage to view the available product management options.
    Note: After downloading and installing the product, you are required to login with your IBMid credentials to activate your subscription.

Managing IBM Products and Services features

The IBM Products and Services portal provides the following sections that allow you to manage specific subscription information and user attributes.

The Overview section provides basic subscription information:
Displays the current product subscription owner name and associated email address.
Identifies the current product subscription plan.
Number of authorized users
Lists the total number of authorized users, including the current number of assigned users, and available subscriptions.
Lists the total number of subscribed IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription add-ons. The total number of add-ons includes the current number of assigned users and available add-on subscriptions.
Billing frequency
Identifies how the product subscription is billed (monthly, yearly).
Subscription start date
Identifies the subscription start date.
Subscription ID
Provides the unique subscription ID number.
The Overview section also provides a Cancel plan link that effectively cancels the subscription at the end of the current billing cycle.
The Downloads section displays all the IBM products and services to which you are entitled. The available downloads are sorted by their respective operating system. For example, IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription is available for Microsoft Windows 64-bit, Microsoft Windows 32-bit, and macOS.
Note: The 64-bit version is strongly recommended and suitable for most modern Microsoft Windows systems.
The Related Downloads section provides links to downloads that support the main product. For IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription, the related downloads include Statistics data file drivers and data access packs.
Manage devices
The Manage devices section lists the device upon which the subscribed product is currently installed and active. The provided information includes the computer name, operating system, subscription activation date, and action.
The Action column includes a Deactivate link that deactivates the product subscription for the associated computer name. The feature allows you to install and activate a subscribed product on another computer/laptop. For example, you can deactivate a subscription for your workplace computer, and then activate the subscription on your laptop computer.
You will typically deactivate a managed device by exiting and signing-out of IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription from the managed device. The Deactivate link allows you to remotely deactivate a device (for example, when you forget to sign-out of IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription from a managed device).
Manage users
The Manage users section provides options for administrators to manage IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription users. Administrators can add new users and edit existing users.
Note: The Manage users section is available only for users who are designated as administrators.
Adding new users
  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to Add Users. The Add a single user dialog allows administrators to define the new user name, email address/IBMid, and role (Administrator, license user, or both). The dialog also allows administrators to specify which IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription add-ons a new user is entitled.
    Note: The dialog displays the current number of assigned subscriptions alongside the remaining number of available subscriptions.
  2. Click Add user after entering the required new user information.
When the administrator enters a user email address, and the new user does not have an IBMid, the new user is sent an email message that provides instructions on creating an IBMid. After the new user creates an IBMid, their IBMid credentials are used when logging into IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription.
Note: It may take some time for newly added users to display in the Manage users section.
Searching for and filtering existing users
The Manage users section provide search and filter options that allow administrators to search for existing users and filter the results based on the user role, provisioned add-ons, and status.
Use the Search and Filter fields to define the search criteria.
Managing existing users
  1. Click the down arrow next to an existing user record. The record expands to provide the following options:
    • Name: This non-modifiable field displays the user name and email address.
    • Role: Provides options for defining the user role(s).
    • Status: Displays the user status options. Administrators can activate or remove users.
    • Add-ons: Displays the available IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription add-ons and allows administrators to provision add-ons to users.
    Note: The user record displays the current number of assigned subscriptions alongside the remaining number of available subscriptions.
  2. Make the desired user record updates and then click Save to apply the changes.
Assign alias
The Assign alias section allows you to assign an alias to the official product name that displays on the Products and Services portal. An alias can help differentiate between different product versions. The alias displays directly beneath the official product name.
Product support
The Product support section provides options for contacting IBM support via forums, support tickets, telephone, or email.