HTML options

HTML export requires a browser that is compatible with HTML 5. The following options are available for exporting output in HTML format:

Layers in pivot tables. By default, inclusion or exclusion of pivot table layers is controlled by the table properties for each pivot table. You can override this setting and include all layers or exclude all but the currently visible layer. See the topic Table properties: printing for more information.

Export layered tables as interactive. Layered tables are displayed as they appear in the Viewer, and you can interactively change the displayed layer in the browser. If this option is not selected, each table layer is displayed as a separate table.

Tables as HTML. This controls style information included for exported pivot tables.

  • Export with styles and fixed column width. All pivot table style information (font styles, background colors, etc.) and column widths are preserved.
  • Export without styles. Pivot tables are converted to default HTML tables. No style attributes are preserved. Column width is determined automatically.

Include footnotes and captions. Controls the inclusion or exclusion of all pivot table footnotes and captions.

Views of Models. By default, inclusion or exclusion of model views is controlled by the model properties for each model. You can override this setting and include all views or exclude all but the currently visible view. See the topic Model properties for more information. (Note: all model views, including tables, are exported as graphics.)

Note: For HTML, you can also control the image file format for exported charts. See the topic Graphics format options for more information.

To set HTML export options

  1. Make the Viewer the active window (click anywhere in the window).
  2. From the menus choose:

    File > Export...

  3. Select HTML as the export format.
  4. Click Change Options.