Multiple imputations options

This feature requires the Missing Values option.

The Multiple Imputations tab controls two kinds of preferences related to Multiple Imputations:

Marking of Imputed Data. By default, cells containing imputed data will have a different background color than cells containing nonimputed data. The distinctive appearance of the imputed data should make it easy for you to scroll through a dataset and locate those cells. You can change the default cell background color, the font, and make the imputed data display in bold type.

Analysis Output. This group controls the type of Viewer output produced whenever a multiply imputed dataset is analyzed. By default, output will be produced for the original (pre-imputation) dataset and for each of the imputed datasets. In addition, for those procedures that support pooling of imputed data, final pooled results will be generated. When univariate pooling is performed, pooling diagnostics will also display. However, you can suppress any output you do not want to see.

To Set Multiple Imputation Options

From the menus, choose:

Edit > Options

Click the Multiple Imputation tab.