Data Element Markers

Specify the order in which symbols should be used for the marker data elements in your new chart. Marker styles are used whenever your chart includes marker data elements and you select a choice that includes patterns in the Style Cycle Preference group in the main Chart Options dialog box.

For example, if you create a scatterplot chart with two groups and you select Cycle through patterns only in the main Chart Options dialog box, the first two symbols in the Grouped Charts list are used as the markers on the new chart.

To Change the Order in Which Marker Styles Are Used

  1. Select Simple Charts and then select a marker symbol that is used for charts without categories.
  2. Select Grouped Charts to change the pattern cycle for charts with categories. To change a category's marker symbol, select a category and then select a symbol for that category from the palette.

Optionally, you can:

  • Insert a new category above the selected category.
  • Move a selected category.
  • Remove a selected category.
  • Reset the sequence to the default sequence.