Estimated Means: Significant Effects (generalized linear mixed models)

These are charts displayed for the 10 "most significant" fixed all-factor effects, starting with the three-way interactions, then the two-way interactions, and finally main effects. The chart displays the model-estimated value of the target on the vertical axis for each value of the main effect (or first listed effect in an interaction) on the horizontal axis; a separate line is produced for each value of the second listed effect in an interaction; a separate chart is produced for each value of the third listed effect in a three-way interaction; all other predictors are held constant. It provides a useful visualization of the effects of each predictor's coefficients on the target. Note that if no predictors are significant, no estimated means are produced.

Confidence. This displays upper and lower confidence limits for the marginal means, using the confidence level specified as part of the Build Options.

Obtaining a generalized linear mixed model