Parametric Accelerated Failure Time Models: Print

This feature requires Custom Tables and Advanced Statistics.


An optional panel to control the table outputs.

Factor encoding details
If selected, displays and prints the encoding details of the factors. The process is ignored if there are no factors in effect.
Initial values assigned to the regression parameters
If selected, displays the initial values used in the estimation process.
Model iteration history
If selected, displays the iteration history of survival analysis. In the Number of steps field, specify the number of steps between 1 and 99999999. The default setting is 1.
Selection results containing
Controls the display of the details of the feature selection.
Both selected and unselected variables
Display both selected and unselected variables in the table.
Only selected variables
Only display the selected variables.
Only unselected variables
Only display the unselected variables. The Maximum variables to display field specifies the maximum number of the variables printed in the table. The default setting is 30.