Bar 3-D Effects

You can add 3-D effects to bar charts. 3-D effects do not add a third dimension or additional information to the bar chart. 3-D effects add depth to the bars for presentation purposes. If you want a bar chart with three dimensions, create a 3-D bar chart instead.

How to Add 3-D Effects

  1. Select the bars.
  2. If the Properties window is not displayed, from the menus choose:

    Edit > Properties

  3. Click the Depth & Angle tab.
  4. Select Shadow or 3-D.
  5. Use the rest of the tab to specify options for the effects.
  6. Click Apply.

Using the Depth & Angle Tab

3-D Effect To apply a 3-D effect, select 3-D. A 3-D effect gives depth to the bars. Use the horizontal and vertical slider in the Angle area to change the angle of projection on the horizontal and vertical planes. Use Front Margin and Rear Margin to specify the margin in front of and behind the bars. These are percentages of the inner frame. Use the Distance area to change the viewing distance from the 3-D bars. By increasing the distance, the bars appear smaller.

Shadow Effect To apply a shadow effect, select Shadow. A shadow effect gives the effect of the bar floating above the plane of the inner frame. Use the horizontal and vertical sliders in the Offset area to change the angle of the light source in relation to the bars.