Script Editor for the Python Programming Language

For the Python programming language, the default editor is IDLE, which is provided with Python. IDLE provides an integrated development environment (IDE) with a limited set of features. Many IDE's are available for the Python programming language. For instance, on Windows you might choose to use the freely available PythonWin IDE.

To change the script editor for the Python programming language:

  1. Open the file clientscriptingcfg.ini, located in the directory where IBM® SPSS® Statistics is installed.
    Note: clientscriptingcfg.ini must be edited with a UTF-16 aware editor, such as SciTE on Windows or the TextEdit application on Mac.
  2. Under the section that is labeled [Python3], change the value of EDITOR_PATH to point to the file that starts the editor. The specifications for Python 3 are independent.
  3. In that same section, change the value of EDITOR_ARGS to handle any arguments that need to be passed to the editor. If no arguments are required, remove any existing values.