Converting Production Facility files

Production Facility job files (.spp) created in releases prior to 16.0 will not run in release 16.0 or later. For Windows and Macintosh Production Facility job files created in earlier releases, you can use prodconvert, located in the installation directory, to convert those files to new production job files (.spj). Run prodconvert from a command window using the following specifications:

[installpath]\prodconvert [filepath]\filename.spp

where [installpath] is the location of the folder in which IBM® SPSS® Statistics is installed and [filepath] is the folder t the original production job file is located. A new file with the same name but with the extension .spj is created in the same folder as the original file. (Note: If the path contains spaces, enclose each path and file specification in double quotes. On Macintosh operating systems, use forward slashes instead of back slashes.)


  • WMF and EMF chart formats are not supported. PNG format is used in place of these formats.
  • The export options Output Document (No Charts), Charts Only, and Nothing are not supported. All output objects supported by the selected format are included.
  • Remote server settings are ignored. To specify remote server settings for distributed analysis, you need to run the production job from a command line, using command line switches to specify the server settings. See the topic Running production jobs from a command line for more information.