Bayesian Independent - Sample Inference Define Groups (numeric)

For numeric grouping variables, define the two groups for the t test by specifying two values, a midpoint, or a cut point.
Note: The specified values must exist in the variable, otherwise an error message displays to indicate that at least one of the groups is empty.
  • Use specified values. Enter a value for Group 1 and another value for Group 2. Cases with any other values are excluded from the analysis. Numbers need not be integers (for example, 6.25 and 12.5 are valid).
  • Use midpoint value. When selected, the groups are separated into < and ≥ midpoint values.
  • Use cut point.
    • Cutpoint. Enter a number that splits the values of the grouping variable into two sets. All cases with values that are less than the cutpoint form one group, and cases with values that are greater than or equal to the cutpoint form the other group.