Installed tab (Extension Hub)

The Installed tab displays all of the extensions that are installed on your computer. From the Installed tab, you can select updates for installed extensions that are available from the IBM® SPSS® Predictive Analytics collection on GitHub and you can remove extensions. To get updates for installed extensions, you must have an internet connection.

  • For each extension, the installed version number is displayed. When an internet connection is available, the number of the latest version and the associated date of that version are displayed. A brief summary of the extension is also provided.
  • You can view detailed information about an extension by clicking More info. When an update is available, More info displays information about the update.
  • You can view the prerequisites for running an extension, such as whether the IBM SPSS Statistics - Integration Plug-in for R is required, by clicking Prerequisites. When an update is available, Prerequisites displays information about the update.

Refine by

You can refine the set of extensions that are displayed. You can refine by general categories of extensions, the language in which the extension is implemented, the type of organization that provided the extension, or the state of the extension. For each group, such as Category, you can select multiple items by which to refine the displayed list of extensions. You can also refine by search terms. Searches are not case-sensitive, and the asterisk (*) is treated as any other character and does not indicate a wildcard search.

  • To refine the displayed list of extensions, click Apply. Pressing the enter key when the cursor is in the Search box has the same effect as clicking Apply.
  • To reset the list to display all available extensions, delete any text in the Search box, deselect all items, and click Apply.

Private extensions

Private extensions are extensions that are installed on your computer but are not available from the IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics collection on GitHub. The features for refining the set of displayed extensions and for viewing the prerequisites to run an extension are not available for private extensions.

Note: When using the Extension Hub without an internet connection, some of the features of the Installed tab might not be available.