Defining radio buttons

The Radio Button Group Properties dialog box allows you to specify a group of radio buttons.

Identifier. A unique identifier for the radio button.

Column Name. The name that appears next to the radio button. The name is a required field.

ToolTip. Optional ToolTip text that appears when the user hovers over the control.

Mnemonic Key. An optional character in the name to use as a mnemonic. The specified character must exist in the name.

Nested Group. Specifies whether other controls can be nested under this radio button. The default is false. When the nested group property is set to true, a rectangular drop zone is displayed, nested and indented, under the associated radio button. The following controls can be nested under a radio button: field chooser, dataset selector, check box, combo box, list box, text control, number control, date control, secured text, static text, color picker, table control, and file browser.

Default. Specifies whether the radio button is the default selection.

Enabling Rule. Specifies a rule that determines when the current control is enabled. Click the ellipsis (...) button to open the Enabling Rule dialog box and specify the rule. The Enabling Rule property is visible only when other controls that can be used to specify an enabling rule exist on the canvas.

Syntax. Specifies the command syntax that is generated when the radio button is selected.

  • You can specify any valid command syntax. For multi-line syntax or long syntax, click the ellipsis (...) button and enter your syntax in the Syntax Property dialog.
  • For radio buttons containing nested controls, the value %%ThisValue%% generates a blank-separated list of the syntax generated by each nested control, in the order in which they appear under the radio button (top to bottom).

You can add a new radio button in the blank line at the bottom of the existing list. Entering any of the properties other than the identifier will generate a unique identifier, which you can keep or modify. You can delete a radio button by clicking on the Identifier cell for the button and pressing delete.