Opening data files

In addition to files saved in IBM® SPSS® Statistics format, you can open Excel, SAS, Stata, tab-delimited, and other files without converting the files to an intermediate format or entering data definition information.

  • Opening a data file makes it the active dataset. If you already have one or more open data files, they remain open and available for subsequent use in the session. Clicking anywhere in the Data Editor window for an open data file will make it the active dataset. See the topic Working with Multiple Data Sources for more information.
  • In distributed analysis mode using a remote server to process commands and run procedures, the available data files, folders, and drives are dependent on what is available on or from the remote server. The current server name is indicated at the top of the dialog box. You will not have access to data files on your local computer unless you specify the drive as a shared device and the folders containing your data files as shared folders. See the topic Distributed Analysis Mode for more information.