Exporting to Cognos TM1

If you have access to an IBM® Cognos® TM1® database, you can export data from IBM SPSS® Statistics to TM1. This feature is particularly useful when you import data from TM1, transform or score the data in SPSS Statistics, and then want to export the results back to TM1.

Important: To enable the exchange of data between SPSS Statistics and TM1, you must copy the following three processes from SPSS Statistics to the TM1 server: ExportToSPSS.pro, ImportFromSPSS.pro, and SPSSCreateNewMeasures.pro. To add these processes to the TM1 server, you must copy them to the data directory of the TM1 server and restart the TM1 server. These files are available from the common/scripts/TM1 directory under the SPSS Statistics installation directory.

To export data to TM1:

  1. From the menus, choose:

    File > Export > Cognos TM1

  2. Connect to the TM1 Performance Management system.
  3. Log in to the TM1 server.
  4. Select the TM1 cube where you want to export the data.
  5. Specify the mappings from the fields in the active dataset to the dimensions and measures in the TM1 cube.
PM System
The URL of the Performance Management system that contains the TM1 server to which you want to connect. The Performance Management system is defined as a single URL for all TM1 servers. From this URL, all TM1 servers that are installed and running on your environment can be discovered and accessed. Enter the URL and click Connect.
TM1 Server
When the connection to the Performance Management system is established, select the server that contains the cube to which you want to export the data and click Login. If you did not previously connect to this server, you are prompted to enter your user name and password. If the server uses authentication mode 5 (IBM Cognos security), then select the namespace that identifies the security authentication provider from the available list.
Select a TM1 cube to export
Lists the names of the cubes within the TM1 server into which you can export data. Select a cube and click the right arrow to move it into the Export to cube field.
  • System-missing and user-missing values of fields that are mapped to elements in the measure dimension of the TM1 cube are ignored on export. The associated cells in the TM1 cube are unchanged.
  • Fields with a value of zero, that are mapped to elements in the measure dimension, are exported as a valid value.