EXAMINE Command Additional Features

The Explore procedure uses EXAMINE command syntax. The command syntax language also allows you to:

  • Request total output and plots in addition to output and plots for groups defined by the factor variables (with the TOTAL subcommand).
  • Specify a common scale for a group of boxplots (with the SCALE subcommand).
  • Specify interactions of the factor variables (with the VARIABLES subcommand).
  • Specify percentiles other than the defaults (with the PERCENTILES subcommand).
  • Calculate percentiles according to any of five methods (with the PERCENTILES subcommand).
  • Specify any power transformation for spread-versus-level plots (with the PLOT subcommand).
  • Specify the number of extreme values to be displayed (with the STATISTICS subcommand).
  • Specify parameters for the M-estimators, robust estimators of location (with the MESTIMATORS subcommand).