The Syntax Editor provides assistance in the form of auto-completion of commands, subcommands, keywords, and keyword values. By default, you are prompted with a context-sensitive list of available terms as you type. Pressing Enter or Tab will insert the currently highlighted item in the list at the position of the cursor. You can display the list on demand by pressing Ctrl+Spacebar and you can close the list by pressing the Esc key.

The Auto Complete menu item on the Tools menu toggles the automatic display of the auto-complete list on or off. You can also enable or disable automatic display of the list from the Syntax Editor tab in the Options dialog box. Toggling the Auto Complete menu item overrides the setting on the Options dialog but does not persist across sessions.

Note: The auto-completion list will close if a space is entered. For commands consisting of multiple words--such as ADD FILES--select the command before entering any spaces.