Installing Your Dialog

Before you can use a custom dialog, you must install it. In the Custom Dialog Builder for Extensions, custom dialogs that you build are contained within an extension. To install a custom dialog, you install the extension that contains the dialog.

  1. From the menus in the Custom Dialog Builder, choose:

    File > Install

    The Extension Properties dialog is displayed. To install an extension, you must specify the properties on the Required tab of the Extension Properties dialog.

    Figure 1. Required tab of Extension Properties dialog
    Required tab of Extension Properties dialog
  2. Enter ONEWAY ANOVA in the Name field.
  3. Enter Simplified One-Way ANOVA in the Summary field.
  4. Keep the default values of the Version and Minimum SPSS Statistics Version fields.
  5. Click Continue.

Your dialog is now available from the IBM® SPSS® Statistics menus.

Note: You can open the Extension Properties dialog at any time from Extension > Properties, within the Custom Dialog Builder for Extension menus.