Creating a New Dialog and Specifying the Dialog Properties

To create a new custom dialog:

  1. From the menus choose:

    Extensions > Custom Dialog Builder for Extensions

    This will launch the Custom Dialog Builder for Extensions, which is an interactive window that allows you to design and preview a custom dialog.

    Figure 1. Custom Dialog Builder
    The Custom Dialog Builder window showing the dialog properties

    The Dialog Properties pane allows you to specify a number of properties for your new dialog.

  2. Enter one_way_anova for the Dialog Name. The Dialog Name is the identifier for the dialog and is a required property.
  3. Enter Simple One-Way ANOVA for the Title. The Title property specifies the text to be displayed in the title bar of the dialog box.
  4. Click the ellipsis (...) button in the Value column for the Menu Location property to specify the location of a new menu item for your dialog.
    Figure 2. Menu Location dialog box
    The Dialog Builder Menu Location dialog box

    The Menu Location dialog box allows you to specify the name and location of a new menu item for your dialog. Since we're creating a custom version of the One-Way ANOVA procedure, we'll add a new menu item to the Compare Means sub-menu of the Analyze menu.

  5. Expand the items for the Analyze menu and the Compare Means sub-menu.
  6. Choose One-Way ANOVA on the Compare Means sub-menu.
  7. Click Add to add the new item and then enter Simple One-Way ANOVA for the name of the item.
  8. Click Move Down to position the new menu item at the bottom of the Compare Means sub-menu.
  9. Select the Display separator above check box and then click OK.