Validate Data Save

The Save tab allows you to save variables that record rule violations to the active dataset.

Summary Variables. These are individual variables that can be saved. Check a box to save the variable. Default names for the variables are provided; you can edit them.

  • Empty case indicator. Empty cases are assigned the value 1. All other cases are coded 0. Values of the variable reflect the scope specified on the Basic Checks tab.
  • Duplicate ID Group. Cases that have the same case identifier (other than cases with incomplete identifiers) are assigned the same group number. Cases with unique or incomplete identifiers are coded 0.
  • Incomplete ID indicator. Cases with empty or incomplete case identifiers are assigned the value 1. All other cases are coded 0.
  • Validation rule violations. This is the casewise total count of single-variable and cross-variable validation rule violations.

Replace existing summary variables. Variables saved to the data file must have unique names or replace variables with the same name.

Save indicator variables. This option allows you to save a complete record of validation rule violations. Each variable corresponds to an application of a validation rule and has a value of 1 if the case violates the rule and a value of 0 if it does not.

How to save variables

  1. From the menus choose:

    Data > Validation > Validate Data...

  2. In the Validate Data dialog box, click the Save tab.