Restructure Data Wizard (Variables to Cases): Options

In this step, specify options for the new, restructured file.

Drop unselected variables? In the Select Variables step (step 3), you selected variable groups to be restructured, variables to be copied, and an identification variable from the current data. The data from the selected variables will appear in the new file. If there are other variables in the current data, you can choose to discard or keep them.

Keep missing data? The wizard checks each potential new row for null values. A null value is a system-missing or blank value. You can choose to keep or discard rows that contain only null values.

Create a count variable? The wizard can create a count variable in the new file. It contains the number of new rows generated by a row in the current data. A count variable may be useful if you choose to discard null values from the new file because that makes it possible to generate a different number of new rows for a given row in the current data. Click a cell to change the default variable name and provide a descriptive variable label for the count variable.