Aggregate Data: Aggregate Function

This dialog box specifies the function to use to calculate aggregated data values for selected variables on the Aggregate Variables list in the Aggregate Data dialog box. Aggregate functions include:

  • Summary functions for numeric variables, including mean, median, standard deviation, and sum
  • Number of cases, including unweighted, weighted, nonmissing, and missing
  • Percentage, fraction or count of values above or below a specified value
  • Percentage, fraction, or count of values inside or outside of a specified range

Assigning Aggregate Functions

  1. From the menus choose:

    Data > Aggregate...

  2. Select one or more aggregate variables to include in the new data file.
  3. Select the variables for which you want to assign a different function on the Aggregate Variables list.
  4. Click Function.
  5. Select the function in the Aggregate Function dialog box.

The selected function is assigned to the selected variables on the Aggregate Variables list.