Crosstabs displaying layer variables in table layers

Display layer variables in table layers. You can choose to display the layer variables (control variables) as table layers in the crosstabulation table. This allows you to create views that show the overall statistics for row and column variables as well as permitting drill down on categories of layer variables.

An example that uses the data file demo.sav (available in the Samples directory of the installation directory) is shown below and was obtained as follows:

  1. Select Income category in thousands (inccat) as the row variable, Owns PDA (ownpda) as the column variable and Level of Education (ed) as the layer variable.
  2. Select Display layer variables in table layers.
  3. Select Column in the Cell Display subdialog.
  4. Run the Crosstabs procedure, double-click the crosstabulation table and select College degree from the Level of education drop down list.

The selected view of the crosstabulation table shows the statistics for respondents who have a college degree.