Sequence Charts

  1. Select one or more numeric variables and move them onto the Variables field.
  2. You can select a categorical variable and move it into the Time Axis Labels field. This variable may be numeric, string, or long string. The values of this variable are used to label the time axis.

    You can transform your data by selecting Natural log transform, Difference, or Seasonally difference from the Transform group.

    If you select either Difference or Seasonally difference, enter the degree of differencing in the text box next to the selection. This number must be a positive integer. The current periodicity is displayed beneath these options. These options are meaningful only for time series, or similar, data.

    Select One chart per variable to generate a separate chart for each variable on the Variables field. If you do not select this option, all variables are plotted on the same chart.

  3. Click Time Lines to define reference lines for the time axis.
  4. Click Format to define which axis displays time, whether the chart is a line or area chart, and whether to display a reference line at the mean of the series.